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*An Introduction to Five Erotic Blueprints by Jaiya

What makes a good lover?

Have you ever asked yourself this question?

Imaging a huge colorful field of Pleasure…But to get there you must pass through a certain “door”.

And - there are FIVE of them.

The trick is to find the one that will open easily for you.

The first door is called Energetic.

If you tend to feel more with less touch, value space, and presence, get turned on with longing, and can ‘short-circuit’ with too much touch or stimulation - this is your “door”.

The second one is Sensual

If you enjoy losing yourself in all senses – music, surroundings, textures, taste, yet need more time to “get out of your head” and fully relax into your body – this door is yours!

The third door is called Sexual

This one might sound a bit “stereotypical”. Naked bodies, penetration, certainty of orgasm, sex as something simple and fun, and everybody has to have it all the time! Do you know anyone like this?...

The fourth one is called Kinky.

If you find yourself getting turned on by naughtiness, something that occurs to you as “forbidden”, if you love mind play, or getting lost in fantasy – this might be your preferred “door”.

And finally – a Shapeshifter

Shapeshifters are unique, as they are a combination of all the four Blueprints.

If you like lots of sensations at once, if novelty gives you good chills, and if your desire is to experience pleasure in many different ways – it must be you!

Your superpower? It’s easy for you to shift your preferences for your partner. Downside? It might be difficult for you to get your deepest desires met…

Each blueprint has its strengths and its ”shadows” – something, that can potentially separate you and your partner, if not addressed.

I know that for some people it can be a lot to think of sex as something that vast.

The beauty of knowing your Blueprints though – once you know who we are, you can actually do something about it! You can “feed” your partner’s blueprint, finally understand and ask for things that you need, and have the sex life of your dreams!

One of my favorite coaches used to say: “How you show up in {this class} is how you show up in life.

I believe that it can be said that how we show up in sex is how we show up in life.

What makes it a good lover?

Hands down – willingness to learn!

Check out if any of my offers resonate with you, and - see you on the pleasure field! ;)



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