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Private 3-day Immersion Program for couples

Sexual satisfaction is one of the most powerful predictors of a successful marriage.


Yet many people turn their attention to it only when they start experiencing problems. They go to a therapist or a doctor hoping to resolve their emotional difficulties, or to address physical symptoms.​

Have you ever considered looking at your sexuality from a holistic perspective? Maybe even before any problems start?

Intimacy is not something that is taught at school, but something we experience! It is the area where we all can use a more wholesome, practical, body-mind-heart centered approach.

This package is a perfect gift to ensure your life-long relationship happiness and satisfaction... or to recover one! ​

This is the education you always wanted, and never had!


Our experience in Zhanna’s “Find Your Bliss” immersion program was all we had hoped for and more!

As an older professional couple we have been rewriting the script of our relationship and we were looking to give ourselves the tools to build sexual awareness and intimate dialog to fit our evolving lifestyle. As we drove to Watertown, we were nervous and wondering if the Immersive experience would meet our hopes and expectations. Within the first two hours of working with Zhanna we knew we were not going to be disappointed. Zhanna made us feel safe, guided, and yet challenged. Her broad experience, her compassion, her insight, and her obvious enthusiasm for her work brought out the best in us and helped us to learn how to find it for ourselves.

As an outpatient therapist who also works with couples I can say that this experience can be a deep dive building trust and intimacy in ways talk therapy can't. 

The immersion program is not for the faint of heart! The intensive sessions and home play assignments will keep you learning, experiencing, and growing. If a jump start on new ways of being in a relationship is what you want, and you are ready for growth, Zhanna delivers with practicality, intensity and compassion.

Eileen, 63 & Chad, 67

March 2024

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Immersion program for couples
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Tantra Immersion

Working with Zhanna was beyond any expectations we had. From the gorgeous and grounding space, Zhanna’s meticulously held container, and the powerful practices she guided us through. My partner and I left feeling inspired, opened, expanded, and a lot more connected than when we entered. She led us through powerful, and deeply vulnerable practices that cracked us both open and shared practical (and life-changing) tools that my partner and I have already begun to weave into our our intimacy and relationship. My heart overflows in gratitude for such a transformative journey. Highly highly recommend!

Emily, 31

December 2023

Our communication has evolved remarkably; we've gained a deeper understanding of each other, fostering an environment of openness and trust that extends far beyond our intimate moments. The impact has been profound, with our relationship now carrying a new level of depth and connection!

Zhanna's approach to incorporating mindfulness, emotional awareness, and physical intimacy has not only strengthened our bond but also encouraged personal growth within ourselves.

Her expertise and guidance have been instrumental in our journey towards a more fulfilling and connected partnership.

I highly recommend her services to any couple seeking to explore new dimensions of their relationship and cultivate a profound, transformative intimacy that goes beyond expectations!

Stu, 32

December 2023

What to expect

  • Safe, confident, in-depth conversations.

  • Guided meditations.

  • Verbal communication exercises.

  • Non-verbal communication exercises (sound, body movement, touch).

  • Exploring Tantric principles of connection.

Topics We’ll Explore:

  • Body awareness/acceptance

  • Healing past relationship trauma

  • Removing self-limiting beliefs about sexuality

  • Discovering and mastering conscious touch techniques.

  • Clarifying and communicating your true needs and desires 

  • Learning the anatomy and psychology of arousal

  • Sex drive, love, arousal, and performance questions or concerns.


  • During my sessions, I hold a safe space for your full self-expression. You are welcome to move, talk, and feel in any way that is true to you. 

  • At times, you might be invited to lie on a massage table - please wear something comfortable, layers recommended.

  • We might discuss explicit sexual topics during later sessions or look at certain pictures, models, or toys.

  • Your clothes stay on at all times. 

​All genders and sexual orientations are welcome!

 Typical schedule*:

  • Full immersion day (7,5 hours) - in person

  • Two 3-hour sessions/half days - in person 

  • Completion session (90 min)- in person or online

​       Total 15 hours

  • "Home play" assignments

  • Support over an email or phone

  • Printable "Holistic Intimacy Toolbox" for a future reference.

*A typical schedule can be customized based on your individual needs.


In-person sessions take place at the Watertown Center of Healing Arts in Watertown, MA. 

We learned about Zhanna's coaching through our therapist and, at first, dipped our toes in.

While we were able to take some great lessons away from our shorter sessions, it was the Immersion program that truly transformed our relationship!

We both feel it was the best money we've ever spent!

We learned SO much!

My science-minded husband was blown away by the tangible and transformational effect this experience had on him! We left exclaiming, 'every couple we know needs this!'

Our time with Zhanna gave us the tools we were missing in our relationship. The tools most couples don't even know they need until it's too late.

My husband gave me a card the other day that said, "I've never been more excited for our future" and that sums up our experience perfectly!


September 2022

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