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Intimacy Coaching with Zhanna


Holistic means "dealing with or treating the whole of something or someone, not just a part."


I​ like to think about it as an alternative or complementary to traditional sex and couples talk therapy.


My goal as an intimacy coach is to help clients to understand their unique relationship with pleasure, develop better verbal and non-verbal communication skills, and to guide them toward deeper physical,  emotional, and spiritual connection. 

​As your Holistic Intimacy Coach, I will listen to your concerns and desires and provide you tailored approach with solid advice, information, and support.


As your Tantra Yoga Educator, I will guide you through practices of deeper embodiment, awakening your vitality and pleasure, and being more powerfully present for your partner – through your body and heart.  ​


You will gain confidence, have new insights, and experience breakthroughs in areas where you didn't think the change was possible!

Tantra for couples


Tantra is the Eastern tradition of non-duality, which has its roots in Buddhism and Hinduism.


Tantra precedes yoga, the physical and spiritual practice of uniting body, mind, and spirit.

Tantra is about mindfulness and connection - with yourself, others, and the world around you.  It recognizes the inevitability of both light and darkness and strive to embrace the controversies. 

The intimate practices of Tantra were believed to expand consciousness, reach enlightenment, and create and sustain spiritual connection and physical passion within traditional marriages. Modern Tantra practices are based on seeing sexuality as a positive and empowering life force, and teach how to embrace, increase, and use this vital energy in your relationships, bedroom, and life.​


We always start with creating a physically and emotionally safe space.

  • You are invited to get comfortable on a couch, grab a cup of tea, and clarify your intentions and desires.

  • We discuss areas of your emotional or physical blockages and review any work you previously did.

During our time together, I hold a safe space for your full self-expression.

  • You are welcome to move, talk, and feel in any way that is true to you. 

  • At times, either you or your partner will be invited to lie on a massage table - please wear something comfortable. 

  • We might discuss explicit sexual topics at later sessions, or look at certain pictures, models, or toys.

  • Your clothes stay on at all times. 

Intimacy Coaching Session
Intimacy Coaching


  • Verbal and non-verbal communication skills in the area of intimacy and sex

  • Mastering touch techniques and discovering your unique pathways to connection and pleasure 

  • Deepening your ability to be fully present for your partner

  • Understanding personal boundaries and how to explore sexuality in a safe way

  • How to sustain passion and apply Tantric principles to build, transmute, and share your sexual energy

  • Understanding your and your partner’s psychology and anatomy of arousal

And much more!


I feel hopeful and excited.
We definitely sharing more touch and intimate moments now! And my partner is so much more playful! The biggest take away for me is probably the idea that it doesn't have to be black-and-white: sex or no sex. We can do a lot of things that make us feel close, connected, and bring pleasure!

JERI, 43

July 2022

I feel much more relaxed about sharing touch and engaging in sexual activities now. I initiate more, which hasn't happen for a long time. I would love to continue us going this way! 
My biggest take away is -  I've realized that having boundaries and saying No is actually not a bad thing! Its something that makes me feel safer, freer, and more playful!

MIRI, 40

June 2022

I am very excited about the potential that Tantra brought for both me and my wife! I appreciate how my wife is completely genuine, incredibly brave, and open during our sessions.

The exercises that you taught us have been energizing and have created a stronger connection between us!


January 2019

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