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Working with Zhanna has been transformative for my partner and me. From the very first session, her guidance offered a refreshing perspective on intimacy, communication, and connection. What stood out was not just the theoretical understanding but the practical tools provided, both in and out of the bedroom, which have already become invaluable in our daily lives. Our communication has evolved remarkably; we've gained a deeper understanding of each other, fostering an environment of openness and trust that extends far beyond our intimate moments. The impact has been profound, with our relationship now carrying a new level of depth and connection. Zhanna's approach to incorporating mindfulness, emotional awareness, and physical intimacy has not only strengthened our bond but also encouraged personal growth within ourselves. Her expertise and guidance have been instrumental in our journey towards a more fulfilling and connected partnership. I highly recommend her services to any couple seeking to explore new dimensions of their relationship and cultivate a profound, transformative intimacy that goes beyond expectations!"

Stu, 32 | December 2023


Working with Zhanna was beyond any expectations we had. From the gorgeous and grounding space, Zhanna’s meticulously held container, and the powerful practices she guided us through. My partner and I left feeling inspired, opened, expanded, and a lot more connected than when we entered. She led us through powerful, and deeply vulnerable practices that cracked us both open and shared practical (and life-changing) tools that my partner and I have already begun to weave into our our intimacy and relationship. My heart overflows in gratitude for such a transformative journey. Highly highly recommend

Emily, 31 | December 2023

My longtime boyfriend and I are successful professionals in our 50s and have a true quality relationship. However, our contrasting intimacy needs have been a long-time source of frustration and arguments. My limited vocabulary in this realm had me searching for a sex therapist and somehow, I landed on Zhanna’s Flourishing Intimacy coaching website. It was just what we were looking for! Her environment for this sensitive challenge is safe, comfortable and encouraging. She was masterful at making us each feel heard and validated while teaching us real techniques for new ways to communicate about intimacy and learn about each other in ways we couldn’t have done without her guidance. In our first visit we found ourselves in an exercise that was profound and brought us both to tears with a new found connection that was beautiful. While I was eager to try this format initially my partner was hesitant. After our first visit he was the first to enthusiastically ask when we could schedule our next visit! I highly recommend Zhanna’s coaching for any couple that is looking to elevate their communication and intimate connection with each other. Go with an open mind, knowing that the process does work, that it takes practice, (which is fun!) and that the energy then translates into everyday life which is elevated. Our sex life has been shifting for the better ever since, and I’m hopeful that, with more practice, it will continue to improve. I’ve been involved in traditional therapy off and on in life, but I have to say Zhanna’s coaching was so much more effective and worth the investment in us. We are worth it!

Debbie, 56 | 2023

20231206_133913 (1).jpg

My husband and I have been working with Zhanna for just over a year.  We chose Zhanna because, after 20+ years of marriage, our sexual relationship had ended completely.  We had reached a roadblock we could not overcome due to sexual trauma on my side, frustration and misunderstanding on his, and a mutually unhealthy attitude about what sexuality was supposed to look and feel like. We valued our marriage and remembered having a deeply sensual and spiritual sexual connection when we first met.  While we had no idea how to get back to that, we didn’t want to give up.  While we both highly value talk therapy, we had tried it and it didn’t work for our sensual and sexual difficulties. Working with Zhanna has been one of the best decisions we made as a couple.  The single most important thing Zhanna has brought us is a beautiful and healthy framework to think about sexuality, sensuality, touch, giving, receiving, and consent through the prism of Tantra.   The reason this framework has been so transformative is that every session requires us to be in our bodies, to listen to and express our bodies, and to figure out how our bodies feel together while being safe, clothed, and guided.  This approach has allowed us, slowly and authentically to reconnect on a physical and sensual level in a way we both had come to believe was no longer possible.  While I have the utmost respect and gratitude for Tantra itself, this experience would not be what it is without Zhanna as our teacher and guide.  Zhanna is a natural, gifted, and wise teacher and healer.   She is grounded, authentic, compassionate, warm, and passionate about the work she does.  I believe it takes a special kind of person to be comfortable around sexuality and to make others feels comfortable, and Zhanna is that person.  As a sexual trauma survivor, I am sensitive to people who are not grounded around sexuality and whose boundaries are off;  Zhanna is one of the most grounded, safe people I know.  I trust her completely, and that’s saying a lot.   ​ She has also done a wonderful job navigating the tensions between myself and my husband around our sexual and sensual disconnect, honoring both of our experiences and never favoring or siding with one over the other and never judging.  We could feel from day one that her intent was to heal and unite. She has used her infinite patience, kindness, and wisdom to help us chip away at the years of hurt and misunderstanding that had built up between us.  ​ She is also flexible and always open to our preferences, thoughts, feelings, and ideas.  I could not think of a better person to do this work with and am so grateful to her for expanding our ideas of what it means and feels to be embodied.  I recommend her without reservation.

Jennifer, PhyD, 51 | 2023

Our experience with Zhanna was nothing short of transformational. My wife and I started with a series of short sessions where we learned the foundational principles of Tantra. But the game changer for us became our 3-day Immersion program! I would describe myself as a bit skeptical going into the whole process. But from day one, though, Zhanna’s caring approach put me at ease and allowed me to be very open. With Zhanna’s guidance over this time, we had some real breakthroughs in our relationship. We were able to achieve a deeper understanding of each other and some of the things that were preventing us from more natural intimacy. Both my wife and I always felt completely safe and supported under her guidance. We could not recommend Zhanna more highly!

Scott, 44 | 2022


I wish we had a video of how my husband and I walked into Zhanna’s office for the first time - angry, tearful, pulling away from each other, withdrawn, and full of doubt. You should have seen us walking into our last session… Sam’s arm is around my shoulder, looking at each other, laughing about a joke. We looked like one of those happy couple TV commercials! Night and day, really!  We signed up for an intimacy coaching program as an act of desperation after breaking trust.  We had no idea that it was possible to create an emotional, physical, and spiritual connection that stems from full consent and authenticity! After 12 years together, we thought we knew each other inside and out, but we both learned so much about one another! Zhanna has been warm, welcoming, and not awkward at all in guiding us through this journey of discovery and understanding. I think every couple should have the tools and knowledge Zhanna shares! It is truly life-changing! ​

Samantha, 31 | 2022

My husband and I are true believers in Zhanna’s approach to sex and intimacy. I came to her as an older woman who had “absolutely no libido.” My husband and I had not had sex in a while, since it did nothing for me, and yet we both missed the intimacy and hoped to find it in a different way. She took us from where we were and led us gradually by starting off with exercises of breathing together, facing each other, and laying our hands on the others’ hands. That was totally non-threatening to me and did indeed give us some sense of intimacy. After 10 sessions, I am having full-body orgasms (which I’d never had before without having to use a vibrator). We have our sex life back again! I never thought it would happen, and it truly was not an expectation that I started out with. Additionally, Zhanna is available by phone whenever an exercise isn’t working for me and I need additional coaching. She’s extremely patient, intuitive, and highly skilled!

Kathy, 75 | 2021

My husband and I have been together for 13 years, married 12. We have 2 children, pets, challenging career schedules etc... We learned about Zhanna's coaching through our therapist and, at first, dipped our toes in. While we were able to take some great lessons away from our shorter sessions, it was the Immersion program that truly transformed our relationship! While we were hesitant at first, considering the financial commitment as well as making sure we were able to get away for a few days, we both feel it was the best money we've ever spent! Zhanna put us at ease immediately. Her vibe, her space, the comfortable furniture, the tea and snacks... all so thoughtfully and naturally designed to make us feel at home. While our sessions were raw and painful at times, we were always brought right back to a place of love and support. We learned SO much! My science-minded husband was blown away by, with what may have been perceived as "woo-woo" in the past, the tangible and transformational effect this experience had on him! We left exclaiming, 'every couple we know needs this!!' Our time with Zhanna gave us the tools we were missing in our relationship. The tools most couples don't even know they need until it's too late. The proof for us has been how our relationship has changed now that we're back to reality... We I have never been closer and with that comes a positivity that surrounds our whole family! My husband gave me a card the other day that said, "I've never been more excited for our future" and that sums up our experience perfectly!

Vanessa, 42 | 2022


Since we've started working with you, we have learned to be intimate once again, from nurturing massages to sexual activities. Not only we are having sex again, but we are setting aside the time to experience intimacy, in whatever form, two to three times a week! After exploring some of the techniques you taught us, we recently had a particularly enjoyable love making. For the first time in decades, I woke up in the morning feeling horny! That is a very exciting achievement!

Donna, 60 | 2021

I've been happy in my sex life since the beginning of my 13 year relationship with my husband, and I have to say working with Zhanna opened up new possibilities and ways of connecting that I never knew were possible!!! I recommend her coaching for happy, satisfied couples as well as new couples!!

Kendra, 46 | 2020

I feel hopeful and excited.We definitely sharing more touch and intimate moments now! And she is so much more playful! The biggest take away for me is probably the idea that it doesn't have to be black-and-white: sex or no sex. We can do a lot of things that make us feel close, connected, and bring pleasure! For example, "bossy massage"! I had no idea something like this is exist, and we'd have no way to learn about it if we haven't done sessions with you! Such a no pressure, pleasurable way to know and serve your partner!

Jery, 43 | 2022

I feel much more relaxed about sharing touch and engaging in sexual activities now. I initiate more, which hasn't happen for a long time. I would love to continue us going this way! I think we need to make some life style changes, and have a scheduled Connection Time more often. My biggest take away is -  I've realized that having boundaries and saying No is actually not a bad thing! Its something that makes me feel safer, freer, and more playful!

Miri, 40 | 2022

During our work with Zhanna we went from almost no touch in our relationship to being able to exchange loving touch and cuddle in a very relaxed and comfortable way. This is a real progress and a relief for both of us! Mutual touch feels natural and calming now. It also feels essential for me! The sessions, and the home assignments increased our joy, strengthened our connection, and brought new hope to our 30-year long marriage! We can exchange touch without feeling too self-conscious or awkward now, and we are both looking forward to progressing to connecting sexually.

Bonnie, 65 | 2019

Tantra coach



I met with Zhanna for six sessions that were saturated with incredibly helpful information, and, at the same time, filled with exercises designed to increase self-awareness and bolster self-care. Before working with Zhanna, I was insecure and blocked in my intimacy, emotionally and sexually, The support I received from Zhanna was immense. The most important thing I've realized - there is nothing wrong with me! We all have different ways of coming to love. I have more acceptance around that, and more confidence in my relationships with others now. I am grateful to Zhanna for her intelligence and grace. She is very knowledgeable in the complex and often confounding realm of intimate relationships, and she works hard, with love, patience, and dedication to guide you on this very important journey. It is worth the time, work, and money!

Kora, 49

Zhanna helped me to understand the importance of being a conscious person and she opened that path for me through her guided self reflections, meditations, coaching, and learning healing and connecting touch technigues. Her welcoming and acceptance was heart taking for me. There was a positive, nurturing and relaxing aura in her presence. In her presence, I learned different techniques of Tantra and how to set boundaries in relationships and the importance of respecting the boundaries of the partner in order to create a safe and healthy relationship. She has a great personality with a very kind heart. There is a lot to learn from her, I wish she would guide me forever!

Alex, 21

Zhanna has an incredible breadth of knowledge spanning Tantra, yoga, therapeutic touch, and Reiki, which means she can tailor coaching sessions to meet the needs of virtually anyone. With Zhanna's caring guidance, I have opened my eyes, heart, and mind to a new mindset. I am a better giver, a better receiver, and a better lover to my spouse now!

John, 50

"A friend of mine recommended Zhanna's Intimacy Coaching, and after hearing how much she enjoyed it, I signed up for a three months online coaching package. Zhanna opened up my heart and inspired me to think critically about my relationship with my sexuality and body. She taught me how to be in my body, recognize my own desires and how communicate that to others. The knowledge and tools I’ve learned are invaluable. I feel more empowered now entering new relationships with others!"

Kelly, 29


I am so grateful I listened to my friend and called Zhanna! For the first time in my life I’ve been able to open up, and to go after what I want for myself when it comes to intimacy and sex. Our sessions offer a safe and respectful space where my wishes and needs are heard and validated. I've noticed that my journey doesn't scare me anymore. I know Zhanna will be there to support me, because she loves what she does and she cares! Just call her and see for yourself!

Dee, 45

Zhanna brings an insight on intimacy not easily found elsewhere! Across a series of bi-monthly meetings, she led me to understand my style of intimacy and that of others - not just philosophical information but that which I could apply to my daily life. Seeing things from both a male and female perspective, gaining consent to build trust, the benefits of both giving and taking in a relationship, how males and females see intimacy differently, and the way each gender expresses energy. Her background is both introspective and international, with a special bonus of allowing me to see how, as an American, some of the norms I follow are influenced by my country of origin and not necessarily how I was wired at birth. I found the information she provides very valuable, and the tools to be both life-changing and practical on a daily basis.  Zhanna's style is caring, kind, respectful, discrete and individualized. She is an adroit coach with whom you’ll be lucky to work.

Samual, 55

I started working with Zhanna when the limitations of what my excellent therapist was able to help me become clear to me. I was at the point in my life where I was able to deeply connect with my partner during sex, but still uncapable to open up fully from my side. Through conversations, body awareness practices, and conscious consent exercises Zhanna helped me to truly embody the idea that I deserve love and acceptance just like anyone else! Even now - months later I actively benefit from the work we've done! Thank you so very much for taking my hand and stepping through that door with me, Zhanna!

Steve, 54

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