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Three Month Coaching Program

For couples or individuals who are seeking to improve their relationships with themselves and their future or current partners through developing better emotional and communication skills, self/body awareness, and learning more about sexuality. 


Alexa Young, CA

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Morgan James, NY

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Lisa Driver, MI

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I recently completed a 3-month 1:1 online program with Zhanna and it went beyond my expectations. 
I had been experiencing a lot of stress and worry around intimacy with my husband and was having a difficult time connecting to my desires and my own body.  I am also perimenopausal, and noticing changes.  My mind habitually goes to a critical zone that is not conducive to the intimacy I really want with myself and my husband who I love.  
This course connected me to tools that redirect my thinking brain and I could finally give space for my wants and needs sexual and nonsexual.  The practices are amazing, the setup and content of what Zhanna presents each session flow so well and are cohesive and effective.  I 100% recommend this course!!!


March 2024

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What to Expect

  • Safe, confident, in-depth conversations.

  • Guided meditations.

  • Verbal communication exercises.

  • Non-verbal communication exercises (sound, body movement, touch).

  • Exploring Tantric principles of connection.

Topics We’ll Explore:

  • Body awareness/acceptance

  • Healing past relationship trauma

  • Removing self-limiting beliefs about sexuality

  • Discovering and mastering conscious touch techniques.

  • Clarifying and communicating your true needs and desires 

  • Learning the anatomy and psychology of arousal

  • Sex drive, love, arousal, and performance questions or concerns.


  • During my sessions, I hold a safe space for your full self-expression. You are welcome to move, talk, and feel in any way that is true to you. 

  • We might discuss explicit sexual topics during later sessions or look at certain pictures, models, or toys.

  • Your clothes stay on at all times. 

  • At the end of each session, you’ll receive “home play assignments” and are encouraged to expand what you’ve learned in the privacy of your home.

​Couples or individuals.

​All genders and sexual orientations are welcome!


Typical schedule*:

  • Initial session: 2 hours (individuals); 3 hours (couples)

  • Six 90 min sessions meeting bi-weekly OR three 3-hours sessions

  • "Home play" assignments

  • Support over an email or phone

  • Printable "Holistic Intimacy Toolbox' for a future references.

*A typical schedule can be customized based on your individual needs.


In-person sessions take place at the Watertown Center of Healing Arts, Watertown, MA


A friend of mine recommended Zhanna, and after hearing how much she enjoyed it, I signed up for an online coaching package.  Zhanna opened up my heart and inspired me to think critically about my relationship with my sexuality and body. She taught me how to be in my body, recognize my own desires and how to communicate that to others. The knowledge and tools I’ve learned are invaluable.  I feel more empowered now entering new relationships with others

Zhanna has an incredible breadth of knowledge spanning Tantra, yoga, therapeutic touch, and Reiki, which means she can tailor coaching sessions to meet the needs of virtually anyone.  With Zhanna's caring guidance, I have opened my eyes, heart, and mind to a new mindset. I am a better giver, a better receiver, and a better lover to my spouse now!

My husband and I are true believers in Zhanna’s approach to sex and intimacy. I came to her as an older woman (age 75) who had “absolutely no libido.” My husband and I had not had sex in a while, since it did nothing for me, and yet we both missed the intimacy and hoped to find it in a different way. After 10 sessions, I am having full-body orgasms (which I’d never had before without having to use a vibrator). We have our sex life back again! I never thought it would happen, and it truly was not an expectation that I started out with.


August 2020

JOHN, 50

January 2019


March 2020

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