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Tantra workshops in Boston

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Tantra workshops in Boston


Tantra coaching
Tantra workshops in Boston
Tantra workshops
Introduction to Tantric approach to connection and sexuality for couples
​3 hours
Watertown, MA
Tantra for couples

Would you like to spend quality time with your partner while learning how to enhance your intimacy and sex? 


Tantric tools for conscious connection can open doors to exciting discoveries, and long-lasting transformations in your intimate life, no matter if you have been married for a long time, or just started dating. 


No prior experience with yoga or Tantra is necessary! 

We invite you to spend a fun, relaxing evening filled with discussions, guided activities, meditations, and meaningful communication games.

All activities are clothes-on, and always optional ​

Full day workshop for couples
6 hours
Watertown, MA
Tantra for couples

Would you like to revive your passion?

Are you wandering if your love life can be even better?

 The focus of this extended workshop is on sexuality, healing, and pleasure! 

  • Verbal Communication: Boundaries, Fears, Desires;

  • Non-Verbal Connection: Positioning, breath, sound, visualization;

  • 4 energies of conscious touch

  • What does it mean to be a good lover? Wo/men sharing circles

  • Emotional connection, pleasure, love

  • Creating a Tantric experience at home

  • Sexual touch with intention - tips for a home play


The Tantra workshop you ran was amazing! You lead it with such grace and love! One of my biggest targets this year is to continue to deepen my spiritual connection with my wife. Last night was a massive breakthrough in what I want in my marriage and what I've been hunting for my entire life. What we've learned enabled us to start refreshing our connection in a completely new way.

Thank you for being who you are in the world and standing for what you want the world to look like!  

"Thank you so much for our amazing night on Saturday!  My wife and I don’t have too many date nights and we had an amazing time.

I personally really enjoyed the atmosphere, the openness that it facilitated, and the great exercises to continue our journey of building our communication and intimacy!"

"Zhanna's workshop was transformative and incredibly healthy for our relationship. We walked away with a major dose of amazing reality after the various lessons and exercises... We felt relaxed, honest, strongly attracted, deeply emotionally connected, and closer than we ever have been since the beginning of our relationship! Even now, a few weeks after, we are finding we are using the techniques in and out of the bedroom to continue to strengthen our already amazing bond."


March 2020


March 2022


October 2022

Communication and intimacy skills for everyone: Introduction to the Wheel of Consent®
3 hours
Watertown, MA
Touch and consent workshop

This workshop is an experiential learning for everyone who is interested in improving the quality of their relationships.

It’s a practice where you are encouraged to notice, trust, value and communicate what you want or willing to engage in.

It's practicing consent and bringing your verbal and non-verbal communication skills to the next level.

And it’s a fun and meaningful way to spend your afternoon with a group of like minded people!


We create a safe, nurturing space where all your feelings are supported, and you never have to do anything you don’t want to.


Learning the Wheel of Consent made me look at my life from a different perspective. It made me to appreciate my husband more, open up for expanded trust, improved our communication, removed many doubts, brought me more confidence, and allowed to step into the next chapter of our lives with much healthier attitude!

I am grateful I can experience more pleasure in my life now!

It was a pleasure attending this workshop. This workshop reinforced how often I don’t ask for what I want!  The most helpful outcome was having a shared language to use with my partner now. The biggest benefit - a new conceptualization of how to take care of one’s self and each other, with the effect of increasing intimacy with partners, friends, and humanity.

What advice would I give to future participants? As scary as it can be, jump in!

I found the session very helpful and since then I have had several conversations with my ex-partner about what I learned about the Wheel of Consent, 

and how these techniques of communication could have helped forestall or even reverse our breakdown in intimacy and communication…. I wish I'd learned about your workshops while my ex and I were still together, so that she and I could have explored these techniques together!


June 2021


Clinical Psychologist 

May, 2023


May 2023

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