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Intimacy Coaching with Zhannana Lee

I recently had an opportunity, through a colleague, to meet Zhanna Lee, a Holistic Intimacy Coach. She works in a variety of ways to help clients heal sexual issues of all kinds, and to re-connect with themselves and each other. I was so impressed with her depth of knowledge and training (she has a background in teaching yoga and OT). She was also a lovely, grounded person. I imagine clients would feel very safe with her. Much of her work is short term and would be a great adjunct with EFT!

Dr.Caitlin Pittel Stark, PSYD

Zhanna's presentation on her intimacy coaching practice was a great help to my stuff. The presentation was dynamic, interactive, and informative. Not only did we have an opportunity to learn about her practice and how helpful it could be for our clients, but it was useful in our clinical work with both individuals and couples! 

I highly recommend having Zhanna come to your practice to share her knowledge! 

Marissa Bain,


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