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Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Being sensual is being attuned to life.

If more people knew that, much less would suffer from anxiety and depression.

Life is the cure! The smells, the views, the tastes, the sounds can take us right back home to our precious bodies.

There is also one sense that’s even more powerful than others. The sense of touch.

If you think about it, touch is the first sense we experience, and the last one to go.

Also, the skin, with its more than 1000 nerve endings on every square inch is the largest organ in our body!

So, with all these capacities for feeling… how much do we actually use our skin for pleasure?

Do you know which part of your skin has the highest concentration of nerve endings?

Your fingertips.

That means you can have a lot of pleasure from touching… pretty much anything.

But it’s not always very sexy, you might say…

Well, it’s not, until you make it so!

And we all can do that.

“Where focus goes, energy flows…”

The more you allow yourself to feel, the more pleasure becomes available to you through all the senses and all the parts of your body.

Why don’t we do it all the time then?!

First of all, not everyone is aware. But also - being open and receptive can feel very vulnerable…

Even if we are with the right partner, fears and anxieties rooted in our previous negative experiences can make relaxing into the senses feel like an impossible task.

Can we do anything about that?


We can do more! 😊

If we want to break from the pattern of disconnecting from our bodies, our partners, or the world around us - we need to learn and practice reconnecting to our senses.

No amount of talking will ever make a difference.

One of the first exercises I give to my clients is called "Waking Up Your Hands". It was created by Dr. Betty Martin, the founder of the School of Consent.

Here are the steps :

1) Lean back against your chair or the wall. Bring to your lap a pillow to let your arms rest.

2) Pick up whatever is next to you, and use your hands to feel it.

3) Stay there and explore it. Slow down.

4) Stay there longer. Notice if anything feels pleasant. Start to move your hands in ways that feel good.

5) Stay as long as you like.

Do it ten to twelve times a day over the next two weeks, and you start noticing surprising and profound changes!

Being sensual is being attuned to life.

Reach out to learn more about my private sessions and Sensual Touch workshops this fall - in Boston and online.

I am here to support you on this journey!



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