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Intimacy Coaching with Zhanna


Intimacy Coaching for Conscious Lovers

Zhanna Lee -
Holistic Sex & Intimacy Coach, Tantra Educator 

Are you looking to enhance your romantic relationship or prepare yourself for a future one?​

Do you wish you or your partner could connect more deeply and experience more pleasure?  

Are you curious about Tantric approach to sexuality?

Have you tried talk therapy and are seeking a more wholesome and practical approach?

If you answered yes to some of these questions, you are at the right place! 

Take the first step towards a more fulfilling love life. Contact me today

Zhanna Lee - Holistic Sex and Intimacy Coaching


Tantra coaching

I​ like to think about it  as an alternative or complementary to traditional sex and couples therapy.

While therapy focuses on resolving specific issues, intimacy coaching focuses on education, and sexual empowerment.

Intimacy is not taught at school but is something we experience. Intimacy is where we all can use a more wholesome, practical, body-mind-heart-centered approach.

My goal as an intimacy coach is to help clients understand their unique relationship with pleasure, develop better verbal and non-verbal communication skills, and to guide them toward deeper physical,  emotional, and spiritual connection.


Our experience with Zhanna was nothing short of transformational. My wife and I started with a series of short sessions where we learned the foundational principles of Tantra. But the game changer for us became our 3-days Immersion Program.  With Zhanna’s guidance we had some real breakthroughs in our relationship! 


September 2022

We had no idea that it was possible to create an emotional, physical, and spiritual connection that stems from full consent and authenticity. After 12 years together, we thought we knew each other inside and out, but we both learned so much about one another! Zhanna has been warm, welcoming, and not awkward at all in guiding us through this journey of discovery and understanding.


July 2022

 My husband and I are true believers in Zhanna’s approach to sex and intimacy. I came to her as an older woman (age 75) who had “absolutely no libido.”  After 10 sessions, I am having full-body orgasms. We have our sex life back again! I never thought it would happen, and it truly was not an expectation that I started out with. 


March 2020

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